A Curtain job from start to finish at Everest furniture Factory

A Curtain job from start to finish at Everest furniture Factory

At Everest we handle a lot of jobs that sometimes have a high degree of complexity to them. To show what we do we have highlighted some of the steps involved below.

Step one – Meet the Client.

The most important step is meeting with the client to find out exactly what the end product is. We can either meet at our factory or at the clients home. For curtains it is preferable to meet at our factory. We have a large range of accessories that are just not possible bring to the clients home. Its better to go through the massive choices at our factory. For curtains, an initial measurement will need to be taken on site to get the correct window size. The rest is up to us.

Step two – Production

Once the quotation has been approved and signed off we commence with production. Depending on the items chosen, some might need to be ordered especially if the fabric is from Europe. Once the Fabrics are ready, our dedicated curtain team will cut the fabric and stitch it all together creating your new curtains. Once it is all manufactured our team will contact you to arrange a time for installation.

Step three – Installation

The good news is it doesn’t take long for our team to install your curtains. Once we arrive on site our team will carry out the necessary prep work including measuring, drilling and installing the Curtain rods and accessories. It’s then just a matter of adding the curtains.

And thats it. New curtains in up to 12 days depending on the accessories of course.