A guide to Fabrics at Everest Furniture Factory

A guide to Fabrics at Everest Furniture Factory

One of the benefits of using our expertise at Everest is the large range of fabrics we have available to us. Our range includes famous brand names such as Prestigious, Harlequin and Bailey Tantalus. Clients can easily browse our collection for curtains, sofas and cushions. Each is graded so the price range can be identified and there are fabrics for every price range.

This allows clients to create something totally custom made to suit their needs and tastes. Gone are the days looking for a sofa in stores with the exact colour you need. Why not create it from scratch in the right size and colour? And most fabrics are available in stock or can be ordered in 1 week. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for customers.

Bala, in charge of the upholstery section at Everest highlighted the point. ” We can always find something to suit the customers needs. Lower or higher priced fabrics we have so it just a matter of colour for them to choose”

Most of the fabrics provide detailed information on the type used and the rub rate. The rub rate highlights the durability of the fabric over time. It therefore depends on what it will be used for. A restaurant requiring a highly durable material due the large amount of usage will need a high rub rate of around 30,000+ compared to a residential setting which will need around 15,000. For commercial situations, its best to visit our factory where our team can advise you on the best fabric for your setting.

For the outdoor setting, companies such as Sunbrella, Recassens and Cerdalon have ranges designed to withstand the humidity and Sun. For outdoor fabric its important to make sure the right type is used. Indoor fabrics used outside and made from natural materials will deteriorate quickly. The fibre used for outdoor are all man made such as acrylic, polyester or Olefin. These ensure the fibres last a long time. The colour used in the outdoor fabric will be either fibre dyed or solution dyed. For the best colour longevity it ideally needs to be solution dyed where the colour is the same in the core as it is in the outer coating.

Contact us at Everest and out team will be delighted to help you.