Roller Blinds

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Our Roller Blinds are all custom made to order. We can supply with Manual or Motorised operation. The Manual operation comes with a plastic or metal pull chain with counter weight for easy use. Just pull the cord to pull up the Roller blind fabric. It couldnt be easier!

Our team can visit your home to measure for the roller blinds or you can supply the measurements yourself. Easy!  After 1 week we can visit and install the Roller Blinds in your home.


Made to Measure Sizes


Delivery in 1 Week


Easy to Use

Common Questions about Roller Blinds

We are often asked many question about our roller blinds so we have compiled a list of the common ones to assist you in your decision making.

How long Does it take to Manufacture the Roller Blinds?

Depending on the Quantity it can take around 1 week to produce the blinds. For specialist fabrics, it can take longer.

How long will it take to install the the Blinds?

The installation can happen quite quickly. Allow 30 minutes for each roller blind.

What warranty do you supply for the Blind?

As part of our terms and conditions we supply 1 year warranty. We do carry spare parts so can carry out repairs should you need them later. The blinds are well made so we very rarely get requests for repairs.

Can you supply other types of blinds?

Yes we can supply Roman and Venetian Blinds as well. View our Blinds page for more information.

Can you install throughout the UAE?

Yes, we have done projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khamiah. We will include installation and delivery in our offer.